What parents say

mpimg011-150x150We’re proud to have sold movie parties to customers all over the world. To get going with your movie party, check our list of fun kids’ movie scripts.

If you want to see how other people have got on, take a look at some of our latest customer feedback:

“It’s great to find a party that doesn’t cost a fortune but which gives parents the support to do something different and creative.” (Clare, UK)

“Thank you so much for the original idea and something that is affordable and exciting. The boys loved Mouth of Naxxos and it was a really great success. The filming was easy and although boys could not remember any lines- it was no problem as we filmed everything in very small bits and final result was hilarious. Even my 3 yr old got a part which I added specially for her as a princess, daughter of King. The best bit was that whole class talked about it for a week before and after which made my son a big party star so it was great for confidence building. Hope you will make more scripts that we can choose from- some superheroes would be fun!!(IS, Scotland)

“Hullo! We’ve just finished running off dvd copies of ‘Rock Star-the Final’ [also featuring ‘Rock Star the bloopers!’] for the guests at our daughters 9th birthday party…the wrap party with rushes viewing was a real hoot and the end result, done on the mac with imovie, is great! We googled a lot to find a really fresh idea for a party, and then found movieparties.co.uk – I think we’ll be doing this again; possibly with 13 year old boys next time….thank you!”(Nicky, UK)

“Just wanted to say thank you for providing us with the means to having the best party we’ve ever had. We did “The Haunted Sleepover” with 8-9 year old girls and it was hilarious from start to finish. I’ve never known a party fly by so quickly and the girls are still talking about it a week on. I am telling everyone about it so hopefully you will get lots of sales! Thanks again.”(KD, UK)

“…it was SO much fun. It was for my daughter’s 8th birthday. We had 19 kids there and then with parents and siblings we had 40-50 at the viewing. We set up a projector in our garage. The movies turned out great–we used our new i movie on our mac for editing. All the kids loved getting the edited versions in their thank you’s and my daughter still talks about it at least once a day.”(HC, USA)

“Yesterday we hosted our movie party for my daughters 13th, we had chosen, Rock Star – The FInal. Just want to let you know what a huge success this was and her friends enjoyed every minute of it. We even finished our party off with an oscar evening! Thanks!” (Mrs W, England)

“Very late after the event I know but would just like to let you know that our daughter’s movie party was a great success all round. We ALL had great fun on the day. All her friends were talking about the Rock Star movie for ages – So many thanks indeed. Actually together with some party food at home it’s got to be the cheapest and most popular party we’ve held, so very Credit crunch recommended. Thanks again – Great product!” (Mrs M, UK)

“Just to let you know the Movie Party was a great success, not all of the girls were ‘word perfect’ but that just added to the fun!!!” (GA, England)

“The party was great. The script was just the right length and although a couple of the parts are small everyone was involved in the production from start to finish. Before each scene we did a practice, then filmed. They needed a fair bit of prompting (some didn’t know there lines that well but that only added to the fun). Whilst they were eating the party food we interviewed each of the performers and had fun talking about their role in the film, other films they had done…. and other crazy things. It was good fun, particularly for those with smaller roles – another chance to be on film. We will certainly be interested in looking at other scripts for future parties.” (PB, Australia)

“Everyone really got into character, costumes, accents, the lot! The kids had a great time and…we ended up with a pretty good film. Thanks a lot for your help and for the inspiration for a very memorable party!” (LR, Scotland)