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boy filmingWe’re so convinced you and your kids will love making movies that we want to give you a chance to get started right away. That’s why we’re giving away a free movie script for our our silent film – The Chucklers!

Just click on one of the links below to download your free movie script now.

The Chucklers – a silent movie (girls version)

The Chucklers – a silent movie (boys version)

The Chucklers is written to the same high standards as our other scripts, and will give you a good idea of what to expect from a full-blown movie party.

It’s slightly shorter than most of our scripts, and is written for just three characters, so it’s an easy introduction for actors as well as film-makers. It’s also suited to a very wide age range, making it perfect for a fun family project on a wet Sunday afternoon!

As with all our scripts, we have a version primarily for girls and another for boys. However, both the plot and the action in The Chucklers are written in such a way that the differences are very slight, and it’s easy to swap the gender of one or two of the roles if you need to.

We thought you might like to see our own video of ‘The Chucklers’ – filmed at home many years ago with nothing but a rather old camcorder. This will help you film your own version, give you some ideas you might like to try, and see the sort of thing you can aim at. Take a look and see what you think:

Finally, The Chucklers is a silent movie – no dialogue to learn, just great visual humour and good clean fun. If you enjoy making it, let us know – we’d love to make your own version available right here on the the site.

If making ‘The Chucklers’ inspires you to organise a movie party of your own, you’ll want to check out our full list of kids’ movie scripts – which include complete ‘how to host a movie party’ and ‘tips, tricks & special effects’ guides.

Happy filming!

The Producer