Movie scripts for kids

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Download one of our fun movie scripts for kids and get all you need to for a movie-making party everyone will enjoy!

Each Movie Parties pack contains your chosen kids’ movie script, a great set of movie-making party tips, tricks and special effects, and our indispensable guide to hosting a kids’ movie party – all for just £19.99 (or about $25 USD). You can download any of our fun kids’ movie scripts and party guides immediately after purchase – so you can get going right away.

Choose from one of our great movie scripts for kids below and start planning your own film-making party – or go straight to our lists of movie scripts for boys or movie scripts for girls.


Rock Star – The Final!

Our all-time most popular script (although it’s neck-and-neck with The Haunted Sleepover!). Two bands go head-to-head in a battle for that all-important recording contract!

Scared face

The Haunted Sleepover

A new kid arrives at school with tales of a creepy bedroom back at home. Ghostly goings-on at what should have been just another midnight feast.

James Pond

The Deadly Virus

A plot to infect the world’s computers with a terrible virus? There’s only one super-spy with enough gadgets to save the world from Dr Evil – the name’s Pond!

My teacher's an alien image

My Teacher’s An Alien

Inter-galactic adventures at school after a strange light is seen in one of the classrooms, and a strict new teacher turns out to be a stranded extra-terrestrial!

The Elements

The Elements – Live in Concert!

‘The Elements’ are one of the country’s most popular bands – but that doesn’t stop their arch-rivals the Black Sheep doing everything they can to split them up.

two metal swords cross on white

The Mouth of Naxxos

This year’s school summer holidays are filled with sword-fighting, sorcery, puzzles and tests of courage in our best-selling magical fantasy set in the mysterious world of Naxxos…


The Frinton Manor Robbery

Up at Frinton Manor, the famous jewels have been stolen – but with a big reward at stake, someone is bound to come up with a cunning plan to get them back…

To find out more about how our scripts are written and who they’re suitable for, why not check our Getting Started and Help & Tips sections.

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Just to get you in the mood, we’re also giving away a free script for our silent movie – The Chucklers – completely free! That way you’ll know exactly how much fun the others will be! We also thought you might like to see our own version of The Chucklers, filmed with a home camcorder and no special equipment.

As you can see, we produce separate boys’ and girls’ versions of each script, because most children’s parties at movie party age (see our Help & Tips section for more on age suitability) tend to be either all-boys or all-girls. However, if you’d like a version with a mix of the two, or have any other requests, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

If you think you have a great idea for a script that we haven’t thought of, or even if you’ve just got a weird bunch of friends who don’t quite fit the bill on the ones we’ve got so far, drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.

We also write scripts for special occasions, and we might be able to do one specially for you! If you’d like to know when we add new scripts, just let us know and we’ll add you to our list. To contact us for these or any other reasons, email us.