Editing your movie on a computer

Director's chairAfter a few hours of filming and then the reward of watching the hilarious results on your TV or computer, everyone will have had a fantastic time at your party. You’ll send them home talking about nothing else! But of course, if you’ve been bitten by the movie-making bug, there is one more thing you just might try! How about copying your movie to your computer and adding the finishing touches to it there?

Whether you choose to edit your movie on your computer is entirely up to you. However, all we can say is that we think it’s definitely worth it, and that the results can be spectacular! Most computers have simple video-editing software pre-installed – common titles include Adobe Premiere, Apple iMovie, Final Cut, Pinnacle Studio, Windows Movie Maker, Ulead MediaStudio and Roxio VideoWave, although there are many, many more.

Editing a movie and burning it to DVD is too large a topic to cover here, but here is a quick list of some of the basic things you can do with your movie on a computer:

  • Add a soundtrack
  • Add special sound or visual effects
  • Create transitions between scenes
  • Fade sound and video in and out
  • Create a title sequence and credits
  • Use slow-motion
  • Lighten or darken individual scenes
  • Increase the volume for individual scenes
  • Incorporate scenes from other movies
  • Create DVD menus
  • Burn a DVD
  • …and much more!

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If you’ve never tried video-editing before, you’ll never have a better excuse!