The Mouth of Naxxos (for girls)

ppack2-300x225The Mouth of Naxxos party pack consists of:

  • the full Mouth of Naxxos script along with accompanying director’s tips
  • our comprehensive guide to movie-making tips, tricks and special effects
  • your complete guide to how to host a movie party

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The Mouth of Naxxos is great for…

…swordfights, invisibility, earthquakes and Indiana Jones lovers!

Character list

  • Izzy – a schoolgirl
  • Nat – a schoolgirl
  • Alice – a schoolgirl
  • Tara – a schoolgirl
  • Elfinglas – a witch
  • Queen Nadia the Fair – Queen of the land of Talmir
  • Lady Crowfoot – traitor and enemy of Queen Nadia
  • Mistress Vile – servant of Lady Crowfoot

Sample pages from this script :

The Mouth of Naxxos, page 6 –

Naxxos for girls 2

The Mouth of Naxxos, page 9 –

Naxxos for girls, page 9

What’s the story?

It’s the first day of the long Summer holidays when four friends are summoned by a mysterious witch to the land of Talmir, where the Queen asks their help to defeat the evil Lady Crowfoot. The friends are asked to take the great test of Naxxos to save the kingdom from slavery, but Crowfoot and her evil servant Mistress Vile are not going to give up that easily. With swordfights, puzzles and magic everywhere, the school holidays have never been this much fun!