The Frinton Manor Robbery (for girls)

ppack2-300x225The Frinton Manor Robbery party pack consists of:

  • the full Frinton Manor script along with accompanying director’s tips
  • our comprehensive guide to movie-making tips, tricks and special effects
  • your complete guide to how to host a movie party

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The Frinton Manor Robbery is great for…

…sneaking about and spying, fake jewellery, pretend walkie-talkies, and a cool way to trick thieves!

Character list

  • Jess – leader of the girls’ gang
  • Em – a member of Jess’s gang
  • Amy – a member of Jess’s gang
  • Sophie – a member of Jess’s gang
  • PC Blake – a local policewoman
  • Sal – a thief
  • Queenie – a thief

Sample pages from this script :

Frinton Manor, page 7 –


Frinton Manor, page 8 –


What’s the story?

Everyone has to pass a test to get into the gang, and there are no exceptions! Today’s task is to spy on a suspicious-looking character for the day and then report back, but the truth turns out to be more than the gang bargained for! They’ve stumbled on the thief who might just be behind the recent robbery at Frinton Manor. There’s a big reward at stake, so the gang devise a cunning plan to snatch back the stolen Frinton jewels…!