The Elements – Live in Concert! (for girls)

ppack2-300x225The ‘Elements – Live in Concert!’ pack consists of:

  • the full ‘The Elements – Live in Concert!’ script along with accompanying director’s tips
  • our comprehensive guide to movie-making tips, tricks and special effects
  • your complete guide to how to host a movie party

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The Elements – Live in Concert! is great for…

…singing, dancing & cool dressing-up

Character list

  • Sal- member of the band ‘The Elements’
  • Chris- member of the band ‘The Elements’
  • Lizzie- member of the band ‘The Elements’
  • Robbie- member of the band ‘The Elements’
  • Lucy- band manager and member of ‘The Elements’
  • Caz- member of the band ‘The Black Sheep’
  • Mindy- member of the band ‘The Black Sheep’
  • Trina- member of the band ‘The Black Sheep

Sample pages from this script :

The Elements, page 4 –

The Elements, girls, page 4

The Elements, page 9 –

The Elements, girls, page 9

What’s the story?

The Elements – winners of TV’s ‘Rock Star!’ competition – are on their way to play a huge charity gig when a broken-down car leaves them stranded hours from the venue. Their arch-rivals – The Black Sheep – volunteer to take two of The Elements with them in their private plane. Are they just being kind, or do they have their own reasons for offering to help? A text message sent just before the plane takes off could provide the answer, but will The Elements find out the truth quickly enough to stop them from splitting up?