James Pond and the Deadly Virus

ppack2-300x225The James Pond and the Deadly Virus party pack consists of:

  • the full James Pond script along with accompanying director’s tips
  • our comprehensive guide to movie-making tips, tricks and special effects
  • your complete guide to how to host a movie party

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James Pond and the Deadly Virus is great for…

…gadgets, fights, explosions and would-be spies!

Character list

  • James Pond – British Secret Service agent
  • Percy Postlethwaite – apprentice British Secret Service agent
  • ‘W’ – James Pond’s boss
  • Henri Le Frog – agent working for the French Secret Service
  • Dr Evil – criminal mastermind
  • Mickey – Dr Evil’s bodyguard
  • Vinnie – Dr Evil’s bodyguard

Sample pages from this script :

James Pond, page 2 –

James Pond, page 2

James Pond, page 12 –

James Pond, page 12

What’s the story?

The mysterious ‘W’ receives word that the fiendish Dr Evil plans to destroy the world’s computers by releasing a deadly virus. He calls on super spy Pond to track Dr Evil down, and to save the world from disaster. Assisted by an apprentice spy – who often ends up doing more harm than good – and by a French secret service agent who’d really rather catch Dr Evil on his own, Pond must keep the virus at bay and to bring this dangerous criminal mastermind to justice!